Local life experience – Chinese and farmers markets

Local life experience – Chinese and farmers markets
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Tour date: Upon request


Vladivostok is called a piece of Europe in Asia. We want to show you a piece of Asia in our Europe.

Route program


You will meet with the guide in your hotel lobby. Than like a locals you will go on a public transport to explore markets.


Our first stop will be on the Chinese market to experience the real local life. It is the largest market in the city and a favorite with the locals. Here you can find anything – music, films, kitchenware, clothes, toys, and, of course, food.   This is the real Chinese market, bargaining is required!


As Vladivostok is so close to Asia, the traditions of the east have blended into the lives of ordinary Vladivostok people, and now we cannot imagine life without Chinese cuisine.


Not only by the overall flavor this place attracts, but also the possibility to eat a tasty and cheap meal in one of the “chifanka” - cafes of traditional Chinese cuisine. Only there you can experience Chinese hospitality and cordiality. Previously, the first refuge of the Chinese was the market, where they traded everything from containers. Then the Chinese realized that in addition to trade, you can lure a client for lunch. And they began to actively open the tiny "cafe" right in the containers, or nearby. The Chinese catering points were small rooms with Russian names on the windows and friendly Chinese hosts at the entrance.


The next stop will be farmers market where you can find fruits, vegetables, and other food products. In most cases, you can buy straight from the farmers themselves.


So after the walk through this market you will have a chance to try the real Chinese cuisine in one of the local cafés “Chifanka”.


Spend the time like a local away from the tourist crowds. This tour is perfect for getting a true glimpse at a daily life, as you discover the lesser known hidden corners of Vladivostok.


Option if you are planning excursion on weekend:

There is very colorful flea market in 3 minutes from Chinese market. It’s appearing several days per week (especially on weekend).  It attracts visitors like a magnet. It has long been considered that a trip to a flea market is more than shopping, more exciting than sports, and more informative than excursions. If you do not believe, then ask collectors, antique dealers, vintage lovers and original clothing, for whom such markets are, still remain a favorite place. In this market, trade goes briskly: constantly someone sells something and buys. Old sweaters, pants, new felt-tip pens, crystal, grandfathers medals are lying on old sheets right on the ground. Nearby is a rare literature, adjacent to a silver tray.



You can upgrade your excursion and go by car or bus (in case of group).