Russian Dacha Experience & countryside

Russian Dacha Experience & countryside
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Tour date: Upon request


Explore everyday life of local Russians.

Route program


We invite you to the really interesting excursion to Russian Dacha. It's located just near sea shore (150 m) so you will have a great opportunity to relax on the coast line and to enjoy of the picturesque view. 


You will visit a traditional Russian summer house called a dacha. Many Russian families have dachas. A dacha is usually a wooden house consisting of one or two floors without much in the way of modern conveniences. The dacha is a unique phenomenon in the life of anyone who lives in the boundless expanses of the Russian Federation. 


At summer's peak, many Russians don't venture far. The reason is dachas, their country houses. August brings the harvest for their small garden plots, but a dacha is much more than just an economic benefit: it embodies a culture dating back to Communist times.


Do you want to discover real Russian life outside big cities? Visit Russian Dacha in a typical Russian dacha village.


Explore what Russians grow in their gardens, taste home made Russian meal or cook barbecue together with your guide (vodka, baked potatoes, pickled vegetables tasting). Explore how Russians spend their summer time outside of the cities.


Here also you will visit local farmers market where you can find fruits, vegetables, and other food products. In most cases, you can buy straight from the farmers themselves.


Upon the request you will have:


1/ Standart Dacha tour with herbal tea and traditional Russian snacks (pies "pirozhki", pancakes, jam, honey and others) - 1-1,5 hours 


2/ Russian style lunch at Dacha with borsch, olivie or other salad, hot dishes, home-made snacks, kvass or compote - 2-2,5 hours


3/ Russian style Lunch with shashlyk (meat kebab), home-made snacks and other - 4-5 hours 


4/ Master-class of making dumplings "pelmeny", borsch, pies, pancakes - 3-4 hours (weekends only)


5/ Pioneers party with red scarf, pioneer dedication and on your wish: lunch, shashlyk or master-class (weekends only) - 2-4 hours 



 And of course, be sure, that you will definitely try Russian vodka and home-made liqueurs!