City tour on three types of public transport

City tour on three types of public transport
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Tour date: Upon request


The easiest way to join a motley crowd of residents of Vladivostok is to ride with them in public transport. With a guide, you will storm trams, buses and suburban trains, visiting the city from all sides.

Route program


Enjoy a guided tour of Vladivostok that allows you to combine your love of sightseeing by both public transport and on foot. See up close and personal the atmosphere of the bustling city of Vladivostok. Look at the main attractions of the city, learn its rich history and all the while save some money.


The tour starts in the very heart of the city, in Vladivostok central square surrounded by a traditional White House, facades of the few remaining historical buildings from the beginning of the 20th-century. Whilst also here you will see a soviet-era monument for the Fighters for the Soviet Power in the Russian Far East, the famous GUM and a newly constructed cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour. Upon departing these monuments you will make your way toward the Railway Station, en route you will take a quick visit through the infamous Chinese Quarter. Here in the Chinese Quarter you will see the Arbat walking zone, two remaining Stalinist Empire apartment houses and a statue dedicated to Yul Brinner. 


Once you arrive at the train station do not miss your chance to take a unique photo of the Transsiberian milestone, which shows the exact distance between Vladivostok and Moscow - 9288-km. Whilst here you can see a statue of Lenin, whose monument is right opposite the station. Continue on to witness Eagle Nest view point, which offers a breathtaking panorama of Vladivostok city centre. From 199-meters above sea level you will see the entrance to the ice-free sea-port Vladivostok, two newly constructed suspension bridges, the war ships of the Russian Pacific fleet, Dalzavod shipyard and a funicular. Enhance this experience with a ride on the The Golden Bride over Golden Horn Bay which connects the two largest Peninsulas in the city. 


Plunge into the true life of the city. You will storm trams, buses and suburban trains with a guide, visiting the city from all sides.


In this tour you will have a unique opportunity to ride along the beginning of the legendary Trans-Siberian railway to the place of its construction start, to see with your own eyes the two banks of one peninsula, ride on public transport along the Amursky Bay and the Golden Horn Bay on the way back. You will see what is today the former convict settlement. Find out what a Rotten corner is and why it was so called. See the most ordinary market where locals go shopping every day. 






This price includes: foreign language speaking guide, tram tickets, bus tickets, suburban train tickets, funiqular tickets.